Starshine Adventure Time


We have a perfect weather today so we went to the park to have some adventure.

There were so many Red Spider Lilies (higanbana) around the park. We cannot stop looking at it because they were so beautiful.

We had so much fun. We saw so many insects and creatures! We saw butterflies, pill bugs (dango mushi), earthworms (mimizu) and crayfish (zarigani). We wanted to catch some crayfish but they moved so quick!

There were different mushrooms also. We learned that we cannot touch it. We enjoyed looking at it.

We enjoyed walking and running together too!

Here is the full video of our adventure! We hope you like it! Join us next time!


学童「放課後スクール i きっず」と英語スクール「E-KIDS」を開校しています。

  • 児童発達支援施設キッズプラスいろいろ
  • 企業主導型保育園「すまいるきっず」