Gunma-Chan Visit IKA

The children’s energy was very high starting from the morning. You will hear everyone say “I’m excited to see Gunma-Chan”. Some children said “I want to play with him.” Others said, “I want to give Gunma- Chan a hug.”

When Gunma-Chan finally arrived, the children started screaming out of excitement! They were thrilled to see it already. Though some of the little ones got a little scared, they still tried to look and wonder about Gunma-chan.

Gunma-chan taught the children his dance. Everyone was carefully watching and trying on the steps. Everyone dance happily together.

There was also a little charade game where Gunma-Chan was acting something out and the children tried to think of the answers. That one was so much fun, too,

At the end, we had a chance to have a short photo shoot with the wonderful Gunma-Chan. Everyone did some funny faces together with Gunma-Chan.

It was indeed a fun-filled day for the children as they danced and played with their favorite character today.


Please enjoy watching this video, too!




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