Starshine Rainy Away Day

Hello everyone! We are the Starshine! We’re going to have a bunch of adventure today. Why don’t you join us?

It was raining but it did not stop us from having fun! Our first stop was the Mayu Dome. It would be nice if we can play outside on the big slides, but those are all wet, so we cannot! We did have a lot of fun inside! There were so many interesting activities to do!


We had a feast with the lunch lovingly prepared by our parents at home. We ate it at the Sakai Center. We played there, too!

On our way back to the school, can you believe we saw a raccoon? It was a nice seeing it in real life! It was moving slow, so we called it Grandma Raccoon.

Here is a movie we prepared for you so you can see everything that we did today! We hope you can join us next time!


学童「放課後スクール i きっず」と英語スクール「E-KIDS」を開校しています。

  • 児童発達支援施設キッズプラスいろいろ
  • 企業主導型保育園「すまいるきっず」