IKA Field Trip

It was a perfect day last Friday for the Outshine and the Starshine classes. The weather was not hot, just nice to have a walk from school going to Kezoji Park. Everyone’s spirit was so high that they did not give up. The goal is to reach the Park and meet up with Mama and Papa. They felt tired but were cheering one another to keep on going! They did not leave anyone behind! They reached the goal and they all felt stronger when parents welcome them with a loud cheer!





Who won with the Rock Scissors Paper Newspaper game? I think everyone! Mama and Papa tried their very best to carry their kids until the very last fold of the paper! Good job!






They cannot get enough of the rides! They kept riding those rides that they liked. They enjoyed riding with the Teachers too!

Here is a video of what happened last Friday! We hope you had fun as much as we did!



学童「放課後スクール i きっず」と英語スクール「E-KIDS」を開校しています。

  • 児童発達支援施設キッズプラスいろいろ
  • 企業主導型保育園「すまいるきっず」