Starshine: Nice to see you!

Hello! It was very windy today We had fun at the park playing and running around the park.

First, we stopped by the river. It was so big. We think there is a whale and a shark in the river!

We stopped by the trees where there were so many birds. We listened to the birds’ sound. It was so beautiful.

We also walked through the flower field and picked up some purple flowers. The flowers smell so nice.

It was nice seeing everyone today. Until next time!


Sheila Sensei


学童「放課後スクール i きっず」と英語スクール「E-KIDS」を開校しています。

  • 児童発達支援施設キッズプラスいろいろ
  • 企業主導型保育園「すまいるきっず」