Outshine Shopping Day

It was so much fun last Friday! Outshine students have waited the whole week for the Shopping Day. They got busy the whole week preparing for the items that they will sell in their shops. Outshine will sell all their favorite festival food – Ramen, Takoyaki, Ice Cream and Pizza!

They took turns in becoming the Customers and the Shopkeepers. They were happily calling out on the customers to come to their shops and buy their food! They were all smiles while they are shopping.

Outshine were excited to visit all the four shops because at the end, they will be able to get a free Yoyo! Some of them were able to get the Yoyo really fast, but some of them took some time.

Please enjoy watching this short video.



学童「放課後スクール i きっず」と英語スクール「E-KIDS」を開校しています。

  • 児童発達支援施設キッズプラスいろいろ
  • 企業主導型保育園「すまいるきっず」