Sunny Day: Park Day!

Outshine and Starshine feel so happy today because Mr Sun is finally out and shining! We took a walk down the forest. The cold breeze touching our face feels so nice.


We had a challenge today – CROSS THE RIVER! Wow! All the Outshine and the Starshine did it! They are all so brave. They felt wonderful whey they reached the other side.


We also went to check out some tadpoles and crayfish. There were not so many tadpoles but it was still fine.



We also ran fast to go to our Teachers who were hiding behind the trees. We are so happy to run around in the big space.


When it was almost lunch time, we started to go back to school by rolling like balls and bananas.


But wait, we found some cherry trees while walking back! We saw some small red cherries!

It was such a good walk at the park today! Thank you Mr Sun for coming out so we can play outside! We are so happy!

See you again next time!

*We apologize if some photos will not show your son or daughter. They ran so fast we missed to capture them in the frames. 🙂



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